Paperwhite Bulbs | Set of 25


Very fragrant and primarily suitable for indoor planting. The umbrels have as many as 8 flowers per stem. Easy to force at home; blooms appear in 4-6 weeks

  • Paperwhites are indoor narcissi (daffodils)
  • Magnificent for cut flowers
  • Perfect indoor holiday bloomers paired with Amaryllis
  • Native to and imported directly from Israel
  • Store at 50-60 F in a dark, dry spot prior to planting
  • Plant in soil or place on pebbles with water
  • Pack tightly in the pot
  • Water freely; the water line should be just below the base of the bulb
  • Do not let the roots dry out
  • Avoid heat and sunlight the first 2 weeks, as this will force the blooms to stretch
  • Blooms appear in 4-6 weeks
  • Use twine or stakes to keep the blooms upright
  • Have a tendency to topple over due to their height and heavy clusters of flowers

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